10 Good Reasons Travel Tales Matter

by Lisa Wolfe on March 19, 2013

From Homer in the 8th century BC to Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love in our current century, travel tales ignite our imaginations, satisfy our quest for adventure, and inspire us to explore our inner minds and our external geographies. They can be extremely personal, and — often — the tales we tell of our own journeys hold the greatest meaning.

10 Good Reasons Travel Tales Matter are listed below. You can probably think of others. Let me know if you do.

  1. Travel tales broaden our horizons by introducing us to the world’s great treasures.
  2. They raise our cultural and environmental awareness.
  3. They preserve community memory.
  4. They familiarize us with the ‘Spirit of Place.’
  5. They bring the world into our living room.
  6. They teach us the lessons of history and politics.
  7. They spur us to ‘do good.’
  8. They broadcast accomplishments.
  9. They serve as guides and help us design new travel itineraries.
  10. They transform our lives!

If you want to tell your own ‘tale’, come back often.

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Photograph by Lisa Reynolds Wolfe.

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